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Camperdown Little Athletics Centre COVID-19 Protocols

Last updated 15.10.20

There are many changes to the way we will have to run Camperdown LAC activities this year. Please be familiar with these protocols and abide by them. This is the only way we are able to run our season and have our children participating in athletics this year.


Our clubrooms will be closed at all times except for first aid. Toilets will be open and cleaned prior to competition times. Athletes should be changed prior to arriving where possible.

Attendance register:

All family members are required to sign in on arrival, including children accompanying parents but not participating in Little Athletics. We must keep these records for 28 days. Please arrive early.

Social distancing:

All adults must socially distance from other adults and children that are not part of their household by at least 1.5m at all times.

Athletes must socially distance from each other between events and whilst waiting for their turn in an event. This does not apply when participating in an event. In running events all lanes may be used. 

Athletes will be grouped in age groups as per previous years. Groups must be made up of ten athletes or fewer, if there are more than 10 per age group they will need to be divided into groups of 10 or less. Once a group of 10 has been established for the night, the same athletes must stay together, ie. no mixing of groups.


All athletes must be registered with LAVic at least 24 hours prior to competition days to allow the committee to work out group sizes and events. No walk-ins on the night will be allowed this year.

New members can register without paying for 2 weeks.


Any child 12 or over must wear a mask whilst walking between events and waiting for an event to start. Once the event has started the mask may be removed until the whole event is completed. Social distancing still applies.

All adults must wear a mask unless a medical exemption has been given. 


All equipment needs to be wiped down between each athlete touching it. We will allow athletes to do their three throws in a row in field events to reduce the amount of cleaning.  All event sites will have sanitizer and wipes available, these will be provided by the club.

After long or triple jump, athletes must clean their sand from their hands and then hand sanitize after each jump.

Following each high jump attempt, athletes need to sanitize their hands. We will clean the bar when it has been touched. Mats will be wiped down between groups.

Hurdles must be wiped after each change in height, and after an athlete knocks a hurdle down.


Parents directly supervising children or completing a duty are allowed to stay with groups (whilst socially distancing), we encourage this with the younger age groups. No extra spectators are allowed.

Drink Bottles:

Athlete must bring their own water bottles and other personal equipment. Sharing of food or drinks between athletes is prohibited.

We can no longer have age group bags to carry hats or drink bottles. Athletes will need to keep bottles with them for field events, or have a parent carry the drink bottle. We will have a designated area for each age group to keep their drink bottles and other personal belongings if a parent is not able to do this.

 Age group managers cannot carry athlete‚Äôs drink bottles/jumpers/hats.

The protocols will make this season look a little different to previous years, however these are the conditions that we must abide by if we are to be able to run our program.

We thank everyone in advance for abiding by these protocols.

Camperdown Little Athletics Centre committee.

Camperdown Little Athletics Centre 44. 2020.